Koku mist collection is full of refreshing citrus and inspiring flowers of the Mediterranean.


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Clean & Refresh

Once you try it, you won't ever go back to traditional hand sanitizers or body mists. We believe Koku is part of a collective and newfound attention to cleanliness. With Koku, we wanted to make staying germ-free an experience you look forward to - rather than the chore it is today with the gel-based, sticky, medicinal or chemical scents.

FDA listed & Amazing Scents:

And we got FDA approved to take any doubts out that you can get truly sanitized while smelling this good. So you can have your cake and eat it too! FDA listing shows that we have 80% vegan alcohol, which is the highest percentage in the market.

appy Citrus


With generations of cologne connoisseurs relying on the incredible power of lemon, it’s no wonder this is the most popular scent in our collection. It’s deeply refreshing, classic, and versatile.

Mandarin Orange

The Mediterranean during the autumn months smells (and tastes) like juicy mandarin orange. This fragrance is a balance of the subtle sweetness of the fruit paired with refreshing citrus.


Originating from Kyssos, a western-most Greek town in modern-day Turkey, lime smells light and clean, yet tart. A sister of our popular lemon fragrance, this makes a great companion to it.

Flower Power


Inspired by gentle winds that carry the sweet, subtle aroma of jasmine flowers, one whiff of this floral-scented elixir and you’ll be instantly transported underneath a jasmine tree on a terrace overlooking Mediterranean Sea.

Olive Blossom

The olive tree is a miracle plant that produces fruit, oils, and fragrant blossoms. The scent of an olive blossom is unique, fresh, and highly addictive. Like olive oil, it enhances things beautifully without overpowering them.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are a marker of springtime in the southern areas of the Mediterranean. Fragile yet all-encompassing, this scent features a graceful marriage of floral and fruity.